3 Temporary Cover-Ups for Ugly Kitchen Backsplashes

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Your kitchen backsplash is extremely important. It’s what you look at while you’re washing dishes, chopping fresh ingredients, or chatting at the breakfast nook with your kids before school. If you have an ugly backsplash, we empathize with the fact that it is impossible to ignore. A bad backsplash can ruin the entire kitchen.

This guide will offer three temporary solutions so that you can manage while renting or saving up for that dreamy total kitchen remodel.

How to Disguise Your Backsplash?

1. Clear Plastic and Decorative Backing

This is our favorite solution so we had to include it first. Look for sheet product called “acrylic glass”, better known as Plexiglas. This hard plastic is completely transparent and makes a wonderfully durable backsplash. Add your favorite fabric or bold print behind the glass and create the modern kitchen you have been dreaming about all this time – temporarily, of course.

2. Hand-Cut Vinyl Decals

Have you seen the big vinyl decals made for children’s bedrooms and bold interior design projects? We love them! You can use the same material (sold in sheets for DIY artists) and cut it to size as a backsplash cover-up. This only works if your backsplash is smooth, like tile or glossy paint. If tile, take your time cutting the vinyl to fit each one so that your grout shows through. Nobody will know the difference. Some people use stick-on contact paper as an alternative in cases where vinyl just won’t stick.

3. Custom-Cut Solutions

If you have the money to spend, consider going custom. You don’t have to spend a lot to have a sheet of stainless steel or tinted glass cut to fit your backsplash area. This is a great way to get a completely custom look without doing anything permanent. This solution looks permanent, elegant, and modern and you’ll be the only one who knows it’s just an insert. Moreover, you can make your backsplash as durable as you want.

Get excited. You don’t have to deal with that unhip backsplash another day! These quick tips are simple weekend projects – no how-to books or instructional videos required. Your kitchen will finally look like “your kitchen”, no matter how temporary the arrangement may be. Are you excited about spicing that backsplash that’s been bothering you since the beginning? Today is your day to plan, so you can reclaim the most important room of any modern home.

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