7 Simple Ideas To Quickly Transform Your House With Cheap Backsplash Tiles

backsplash Ideas

Changing the looks of your house does not always have to be costly & complex. There are some simple yet cheap solutions that will quickly transform your house into a perfect dream home. You can use these ideas to d├ęcor your house or take inspiration from them and make your own idea!

In this post, we are going to discuss 7 such ideas to refresh your home using cheap backsplash tiles.

1. A mix of white subway tile and black marble would give your kitchen, and the bathroom an exotic look and feel. Feel free to extend this backsplash to the entire wall, or the opposite wall. But make you sure you maintain the symmetry.

2. Earthy toned tiles combined will occasional white marble will give a simplistic yet effective look for the interior. Select a bit darker shades and you can also use this as your exterior.

3. Extremely thin white glass tiles with rare repetitions of grey tiles make an amazing backsplash for artistic purposes. You can showcase your Painting or Art using this backsplash.

4. Use metallic shades of narrow tiles to complement your kitchen furniture. You can also pick 3 or 4 different colors and create a pattern, just make sure that two of them complement to your kitchen furniture.

5. Use white glass backsplash tiles with black cabinets in the kitchen or with black vanities in bathroom. Especially very useful if you have poor natural lighting. You can also use this to add visual value to your artifact.

6. Black textured subway tiles separated by white cement makes a great and rich feel for the kitchen. But make sure you use this for the entire wall, otherwise, it might look ugly. With the latest 3-D printing technology finding tiles that suit your need has become much easier nowadays. Yet, this is one of the cheapest and the simplest options to spice up your home.

7. Blend of various marble strips. This has been one of the most popular designs for both the kitchen and bathroom. Mind that, don’t limit yourself with just black and white marble stripes. Use green, copper and other different shades in between. This will surely leave everyone with an awe.

We hope that these ideas will be helpful to you. Make sure that backsplash tiles should not be boring. Don’t forget to check our other articles for more home remodeling ideas and tips.

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